When the BCP isn’t Quite Enough


In the back of the Book of Common Prayer we teach our confirmands that there are prayers for all occasions. There are prayers for peace, for courts of justice, for an election, for times of conflict, for knowledge of God’s creation, and more.

But there are a few things that are not in the prayer book. And with the holidays bearing down upon us, I thought I’d write up a few prayers I’ve said over the years (for myself and for others) for those who also wished there were a few more prayers in the BCP.

  1. For Finding a Parking Space at the Mall

Almighty and Glorious Christ, when you walked the earth, you also could not find a place to rest your head. Grant now that the seemingly endless circling bears fruit in finding a place to rest my Corolla. Have mercy upon me, and grant this O Lord for me first and then all others who wander looking for a place to rest. Amen.

  1. Upon Receiving a Card from Someone You Forgot to Send One To

O God our King, who hast promised to attend to our petitions when asked in your son Jesus’ name, forgive me my forgetfulness and mercifully nudge _____________ to forgive me as well. Grant me fortitude of character not to claim their letter was lost in the mail or that I lost their address. Hear this prayer O Father who grants to God’s children every good and perfect gift from above. Amen.

  1. For Entering Toys R Us Two Days Before Christmas

O Lord, I beseech thee to grant me patience and good cheer as I descend into chaos and disorder. Grant that I may recognize your face in the screaming babies, the bratty children, and the unhelpful workers. Deliver me from impatience and grinchyness, I petition O holy God. Amen.

  1. For Driving to Pick Up Your In-Laws…In the Rain

Assist us mercifully, O Lord, as I travel to the airport. Grant safety and speed on I-95 to me and all other travelers in both directions. Thank thee that it’s LaGuardia and not JFK, and remember your servant O gracious God kindly this day and hour(s). Amen.

  1. For Patience when Someone Critiques the Kids’ Pageant for Inconsistencies with the Biblical Narrative

Almighty and eternal God, illuminator of minds and giver of wisdom, grant now to Thine servant patience and fortitude when dealing with ___________. Guide me on the way of thy glorious peace, and hear O Lord my petitions. Grant that quiet confidence shall be my strength and let my hands not reach to strangle the critical rascal. Amen.

  1. For Protection from Envy of Happy Couples

God of Love and Light and Warmth, remind me that your presence is enough and that there is glory in being single. Lead my feet and my heart to the path away from envy and bitterness when observing PDA, happy couples, and warm cuddles. Assist me in thine mercy not to cry during holiday rom coms or lie to great Aunt Sally when she asks if I’m dating anyone. Amen.

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